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☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆ how does it feel to be you ? ☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧☆✧
༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺༺ girls are so cool ༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻༻
ᥫ᭡. ‹𝟹. -`♡´-.ᥫ᭡. ‹𝟹. -`♡´-.ᥫ᭡. ‹𝟹. -`♡´-. listen to the leaves when they fall on the floor ᥫ᭡. ‹𝟹. -`♡´-.ᥫ᭡. ‹𝟹. -`♡´-.ᥫ᭡. ‹𝟹. -`♡´-.ᥫ᭡. ‹𝟹. -`♡´-.
。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*+ stay true to who you are 。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*。.。:+*
♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬ stop hiding from yourself ♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬♩♬



New York based label Beepy Bella was founded in 2019 by Isabella Lalonde.

Cultivating an abundant fantasy world full of fairies, elves and all magical things, Beepy Bella is a whimsical and endearing marriage between fine art, fashion and design.

All of our unique jewelry pieces are carefully crafted and created with positive, healing energy. We make all of our own glass beads in Brooklyn with a process called "flamework".