treasure chest
$ 1,155.00
the treasure chest is a unique collector's item. it is one-of-a-kind due to it's mixture of rare pendants. the centerpiece cross dates before the 2000's and is hand enameled. the cross is composed of plated brass and glass. the other vintage charms featured on this gorgeous piece range in origin dates and are a mix of enamel, 925 silver, sterling silver and 24k gold. the motifs of the antique charms depict an abstract representation of our personal story. one of our favorite pendants is the silver cow bell with an edelweiss flower, a symbol of switzerland. all pearls are top-grade and freshwater. there are genuine moonstone beads towards the clasp. please note the clasp is 925 silver, as well as our logo tag. this special necklace's creation took many months to create due to the sourcing these precious charms.

measures 16 inches long.
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