chill pills
$ 500.00
this healthy necklace features a hand crafted glass chill pills, made with love by us in Brooklyn.

ingredients: glass, black agate, grade aaa freshwater pearls, 925 silver.

length: 16 inches without clasp. 18-19 inches at the longest. email us for additional sizes.

more info on our glass making: each bead takes around 40-80 minutes of active sculpting lamp work. we use soft glass, which is very vibrant and originates from italy. the glass rods are hand pulled by local professionals in brooklyn. after molding the hot glass bead, we put it in an annealer to cool it down safely for up to 25 hours. this process is not only time consuming, but has taken 5+ years of consistent practice for us to be able to make what we do. it's a labor of love that we are so excited to share with you.
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