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Product Care
👎 please avoid water of any kind when wearing your beepy bella jewels.
👎 do not swim, scuba dive, shower, kayak, canoe, bungee jump in beepy bella.
👎 do not wear your jewelry while working out, including any kind of physical labour.
👎 please do not leave your jewelry in direct sunlight, the vibrant pearl colors may fade.
👎 do not store your jewelry anywhere that it can be stepped on, dropped or damaged.

👍 if the silver metal gets tarnished, you can use a polishing cloth or silver polish to brighten it back up.
👍 keep your jewelry placed in the complimentary protective pouch provided in each order.
👍 please treat your beepy bella jewels with love, admiration and care.
👍 be aware, Beepy Bella jewelry can help you read minds, teleport into other dimensions and cure negativity.
👍 if you have any other questions, please e-mail us 💌