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Prices and Currencies
πŸ’° Everything listed on our website is priced in USD.
πŸ’°Tax is included in the checkout process.
πŸ’° We do not cover duties for international shipments.


βž• cost of high quality materials (including but not limited to jewelry making tools, ethically-sourced grade AAA freshwater pearls, 925 silver heart hang tags, durable string, 925 silver clasps and 925 silver crimps)
βž• cost of packaging (100% recycled tissue paper, branded hand-sewn protective bags, custom 100% recycled cardboard shipping boxes, compostable plant-based mailers, stickers, 100% recycled paper business cards, compostable bubble wrap)
βž• cost of product photography (including but not limited to any images of products on our web shop)
βž• initial cost of setting up a registered brand (LLC, tax ID number, company trademark and minimal lawyer correspondence)
βž• cost of marketing (photoshoots - including photographers, assistants, makeup artists, models and props)
βž• cost of digital upkeep (website maintenance, website custom coding, domain renewal, email campaigns, g suite, adobe suites)
βž• cost of one full time employee livable wage (rent, heat, gas, internet)
βž• cost of branding (logo, collaborations, manufacturing samples, artist commissions - including but not limited to freelance music, copywriting, illustrations, 3D renderings, watercolors, custom stickers and or any custom branding assets)