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What is your customer service e-mail?
Please note that due to being a one-person operation, we may take several business days to respond to your email. We are currently in the process of outsourcing extra help to expedite our response time.

How long do orders take to fulfill?
Though this timing can depends on an item-by-item basis, our usual lead time to fulfill orders is 10 - 11 business days. We assemble everything from scratch and most of our pieces are made to order (which means we only source materials and start assembling once you purchase the piece). This method helps us keep our practice sustainable as we do not overproduce for the sake of making quick money. If you are working with a deadline, please feel free to email us.

Can you ship internationally?
Though this depends on your location, we ship almost anywhere. If our web check out is not integrated with your geographical location, please email us directly.

What does "beepy" stand for?
Initially, "Beepy" was a made up word dreamt up between Isabella and her partner. One day, they had to wake up 5 AM for a flight and started saying "beepy" instead of sleepy. This word stuck and eventually was integrated into our brand name as it resonates with our overall mission to represent a beautiful & harmonious day dream.

Where do you source your materials?
As we have been growing, so has our process for sourcing materials. Many of our vintage charms are sourced in person from unique antique-collectors who reside in New York City. We also are in direct conversation with our pearl and stone suppliers to ensure that the ethical-integrity and sustainability of our materials can be trusted. Unless stated otherwise, we mainly use 925 silver to avoid any allergic reactions upon skin contact.

How do you get so much press?
We can confidently state that we were arguably the first brand on the market to offer the type of whimsical and fairytale-inspired jewelry that we do. Simply put, much of the press we have received is due to the fact that we got the head start on being the type of brand we are by doing it before anyone else.